Polyclonal Antiserum

 Pseud-Immune Control Immune Antiserum

Cat. No: GPA018E       

Pseud-ImmuneÔ control immune serum is the ultimate serum to use in experiments where only the highest quality controls will do.  Unlike normal serum or preimmune serum, Pseud-ImmuneÔ control immune serum was designed to mimic all immune parameters that would be characteristic of a hyperimmune serum except specificity towards a target antigen. It was produced using Southwest Immunology’s proprietary peptide carrier system and immunization protocol.

Goats were immune stimulated followed by successive immunizations with carrier in adjuvant.  Since the carrier does not elicit antibody production, any nonspecific immune stimulation and changes in the immune profile of the serum will be due to the mock immunizations.  Therefore, when Pseud-ImmuneÔ control immune serum is used as a control serum in experiments, it will not only reveal any nonspecific staining that might be present, but it will also detect any nonspecific immunity generated due to immunizations - which won’t be detected by normal serum or preimmune serum. Pseud-ImmuneÔ control immune serum can be used for ELISAs, immunohistochemistry, western blots and any other immunochemical technique where baseline values must be established.  Using the best controls in conjunction with your data can help give manuscripts and grants the edge they need to succeed. 

Manufacturing Reference:

Southwest Immunology, Inc, unpublished results.

Lot No: C040A
Host: Goat
Clone: Polyclonal
Immunogen: Proprietary Peptide Carrier 
Form: Whole Serum - liquid
Concentration: N/A
Supplied as: 1 ml vials or bulk quantities
Titer: Reported working dilution using neat serum:*
bulletELISA using immunizing peptide: N/A
bulletIHC using paraffin sections: N/A
bulletIHC using frozen sections: N/A
bulletWestern blots: N/A

*This product has no individual working dilution due to its nonspecific immune response.  Typically, it is used as a control at the same concentration as that of the primary antiserum.

Specificity: None


        options: None
0.01% Thimerosal
0.1% Sodium Azide
Storage: Short term: Refrigerate at 4˚ C
Long term: Freeze at -20˚ C


N/D = Not determined.

Pseud-Immune is a trademark of Southwest Immunology, Inc.

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